JabedJabed Zaman

I use Arch Linux as my daily driver along with awesome wm .

I'm a vim user. I use neovim as my code editor. Okay sorry I lied. I use VSCode as my code editor (Vscode for smartness and neovim to look cool) .

You can find my dotfiles here.

My daily beast is Dell Inspiron 15 3501 with i5 11th gen processor and 16GB of ram. (apple ... nah macos is not for me) .

OPEN SOURCE IS LOVE. I use open source software as much as possible.

As like every other arch fanboys on reddit, I got my terminal riced up . I use kitty as my terminal emulator.... why?? because it is what it is .startship got my shell looking cool ... and it is AMAZING . And for the symbolic font I use nerd font .

‘ Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down ... ‘ GOT RICKROLLED !!! OKAY TAKING IT BACK ... I love listening to music and I use spotify for that .

Sadly I dont have a studio setup to show off :( and I no longer make youtube videos. I plan to start making videos again in the future.
(dont try to find my youtube videos, I deleted them all)

GAMES !!!??
`sniff sniff` I used to play a lot of games earlier. But now its a rare thing...
CSGO , GTA series , NFS , PUBG , Clash of Clans .... NOSTALGIA !!!